Welcome to CruDoctrine. If you are new to CruDoctrine, or if this is your first time to the new and improved format, we have included some helpful information below to help you get acquainted with the site. Using the Cru Statement of Faith as a guide, CruDoctrine is an interactive tool to give you an introduction to systematic theology while seeking to engage your heart to worship Christ and engage in ministry. The key to CruDoctrine is that it is designed to be experienced with assistance from a mentor, or coach.

When you register as a new user, you will be asked which region you are from (either one of the 10 Cru regions in the U.S., a particular country, student discipleship region, or church discipleship region) and the name of your coach. If your coach has already logged in and set up their profile, you should be able to select them as your coach. If not, you can provide their email address and CruDoctrine will send them a note with instructions on how to register as a coach.

Once you log in, you’ll notice that each module is laced with video clips, audio clips, and questions along the way. And, you’ll notice that some of the questions are flagged for follow-up with your coach. Lastly, if you come to a question that you want to come back to again later or to ask your coach about, you can click either the “flag for personal follow up” or “flag for coach follow up”.

You’ll also notice that there are little note tabs that can be expanded on each page. As you take notes, you will always be able to see them and any flagged questions under the “My Work” tab. And, it is here that you can see your progress and when you can anticipate being finished with the course.

Thanks for using CruDoctrine and feel free to email us with any questions or suggestions: info@crudoctrine.org